Inventory and stock management

Inventory and stock management

How does AI Dature work?

Optimize inventory and demand forecasting in 3 easy steps!

Dature is a cloud-based service for demand forecasting and optimizing replenishment recommendations based on the data provided. The operation of the application can be illustrated in 3 simple steps: import data, analyze results, export recommendations and forecasts.

Step 1

Data Import

In agreed-upon cycles, such as weekly or daily, the application retrieves transaction data including. Sales history, current inventory levels future deliveries, and card data, among others. products, suppliers, etc. The extensive ETL tool allows easy adaptation to the data structures the client has and the client's preference for the data exchange method.

Step 2

Performance Analysis Using AI

After importing the data, Dature, using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, generates demand forecasts, simulates future inventory levels, and makes recommendations. This stage also includes diagnosis and alerting of current and future risks of out-of-stock and overstock situations.

Step 3

Data Export

Forecasts, simulations and recommendations can be exported by the application user to MS Excel, for example. They can also, in the ETL process, be transformed and sent in an agreed format, e.g. to an ERP system API.


Dature premium AI

The application includes Prediction AND Recommendation modules using data from the company's internal system. Based on them, artificial intelligence (AI)-based forecasts are periodically generated to help you avoid overstocking, inventory shortages and streamline your company's logistics processes.

Dature e-com AI

It allows demand forecasting by integrating with major e-commerce service platforms. The application works in a plug-and-play format, is hosted in the cloud, and requires only a web browser to operate. Based on historical sales data, Dature E-COM generates demand forecasts and inventory analysis to help you improve the efficiency of your business.

Dature enterprise AI

It offers the most advanced modeling, processing and inference tools. Predictions in Dature Enterprise are made based on analysis of internal data e.g. sales, promotion, etc., and external data e.g. weather, macroeconomic indicators, etc. The application is built on the basis of deep fuzzy neural networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning. What does this mean for you? Dature Enterprise is able to assess the impact of a wide variety of factors on your products and incorporate it into the forecast. By using advanced AI algorithms, forecasts are more accurate, and you have the opportunity to increase your revenue and build stronger loyalty among your customers.


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