Inventory and stock management

Inventory and stock management

Demand forecasting

Everything you need for accurate forecasting

DATURE software provides an automatic function for forecasting demand for specific commodities based on the type of rotation at each of your locations. Our forecasts will help you discover sales trends and seasonality and save you time and money.

Higher accuracy of forecasts

Whether you're managing hundreds or tens of thousands of SKUs, our scalable Microsoft Azure cloud-based platform allows you to quickly generate and display forecast results, saving you time and making better decisions. Our solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to simulate multiple forecasting models and select the best one at a time for each of your SKUs, providing more accurate demand forecasting.

Dozens of hours saved

Dature not only improves the quality of forecasts, but also reduces tedious work. Even the best forecasting model can generate forecasts with high error if the batch data contains noise in the form of sales, individual large customer orders or lack of sales resulting from an out-of-stock situation. The use of machine learning mechanisms for data imputation reduces the impact of noise on the quality of predictions and saves time in performing these operations manually. When high quality goes hand in hand with automation, better decisions can be made in less time. You can invest the time you save in other operational activities.


No sales opportunity is overlooked

The accuracy of forecasts is related to the proper fit of the model to the demand pattern. If your products behave differently throughout the year, regardless of typical seasonality, then you are certainly dealing with the impact of calendar days on your sale. Including the impact of calendar days in demand patterns allows you to reduce out-of-stock occurences and maintain the loyalty of your customers. Using machine learning to deal with moving calendar days, for example Easter holidays, saves time in analyzing the data and reduces the error associated with overlooking demand spikes that are important to your business.

Better marketing decisions

The growing product portfolio affects not only the number of assortment groups maintained, but also the number of products available in each group. It certainly takes you a long time to analyze whether they behave similarly. Another important issue is how they affect each other. Visualizing the historical sales and forecasts of each group and product against each other, taking into account the impact of calendar days and discounts, allows you to easily assess the relationship between the two and make better decisions about marketing and sales activities in the future.

Complete solutions

to optimize inventory and replenishment

DATURE will provide you with the information you need to maintain the right level of inventory at the right time. Taking into account the demand in subsequent periods, delivery dates, inventory and logistical constraints will improve the availability of goods and reduce the risk of lost sales. At the same time, you will avoid overstocking and freezing working capital.

Automate the process and focus only on exceptions

Analyzing a wide portfolio of inventory and making decisions about stocking based on multiple systems and spreadsheets takes considerable time and effort. Dature automates the process of generating forecasts and stocking recommendations while offering a set of alerts notifying of situations that require special attention, i.e. Out-of-stock and overstock risks.

Operate more efficiently than your competitors

Our inventory optimization solution uses advanced algorithms that take into account your supply chain constraints and the required level of demand service (Service Level). This will make your business decisions more accurate and allow your company to grow faster than your competitors.

Optimize your safety stock

Decisions on the amount of safety stock should always be tailored to the current behavior of demand, its volatility and your business goals. Manually controlling this process is very cumbersome and leads to suboptimal decisions. Our machine learning dynamically calculates a statistical safety stock and ties it to your required level of availability for each of your products at each location. This reduces the risk of out-of-stock and overtock situations. Your customers are more satisfied, and your revenues and profits increase.


Protect yourself against seasonal reduction in availability of goods

Seasonal increases in demand cause temporary limitations in the availability of goods due to the fact that your suppliers' resources are 100% utilized. If you don't want to lose customers, then gathering seasonal supplies in advance is certainly worth considering. Our solution will help you do this by generating pre-season stocking recommendations so that you can successfully provide your customers with the merchandise they need during the season.

Include expertise in decisions

The economic environment is very dynamic, and your customers' past behavioral patterns may change under the influence of unexpected events. In such situations, statistical forecasts of demand may not be accurate. If your competitor has closed business periodically, or you have just acquired a new large customer then such knowledge can be entered into our system in the form of your own forecast and adjust the calculated statistical demand. Our inventory optimization mechanism will take this information into account when generating stocking recommendations.