Stock management and replenishment

Stock management and replenishment


For who?

It is a demand forecasting and inventory analysis solution for online stores looking for a plug-and-play solution.

The simplicity and speed of getting started with the system is made possible by automated data exchange with the e-com platform and an artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm responsible for forecasting and analyzing inventory. While working with Dature E-COM, you can very easily upgrade to Dature Premium and also have access to purchase order optimization.

What do you gain

by incorporating Dature E-COM into your business?

DATURE E-COM easily and intuitively presents demand forecasts for future periods based on historical sales, broken down by individual products as well as assortment groups. This will help you easily capture your customers' demand patterns and allow you to adjust your assortment accordingly.

In addition, the generated demand forecasts are used in the application to analyze the sales period for which the current inventory is sufficient. This will help you better and more accurately plan your next orders to suppliers. As a result, the risk of a shortage or overstocking situation will be reduced. The capital involved in the stock can work optimally.

Why is it worth it?

You will begin to manage your inventory in an advanced way.

This will help you tailor your assortment to the dynamically changing needs of your customers.

The algorithm takes into account seasonal events and trends that may influence, consumer behavior.

You will open up the opportunity to increase sales opportunities, optimize profits, gain customer loyalty, and above all, save time. Dature e-com will do all the calculations and predictions for you.


with e-commerce platforms

Dature E-com app is integrated with the most popular e-commerce platforms in Poland. The technical requirement to use the client-side application is to have any of the most popular web browsers.


Dature E-COM forecasts demand?

The forecast is based on the sales history available on the e-com platform. The system's built-in algorithm simulates many different forecasting models and selects the one that gives the highest accuracy, taking into account trend and seasonality. Demand forecasts are available in the form of charts and tables. They can also be easily exported to Excel.

Dature E-COM is equipped with alert functionality. By simulating the level of inventory in the following days and weeks, the system tells you how many days of sales we have stock for and from when we will fall into the risk of losing the availability of goods for sale.

Would you like to know the effect of
Dature E-COM in practice?

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